Trini Trent TV: 2015 MTV VMA Review


    The 2015 MTV VMA aired last evening and as expected, the show was packed with several surprising moments. So, you shouldn’t be shocked¬†I have a lot to say about all the action via¬†Trini Trent TV.

    After ranting about black women getting the respect they deserve from MTV, Nicki Minaj proved she was simply begging for attention by opening up the show. Yes, Onika Maraj kicked off the event and she even shared the stage with Taylor Swift, the person with whom she battled on Twitter as the champion of faux black feminism.

    Other noteworthy moments at the VMA were Kanye West’s longwinded “speech” and Justin Bieber’s emotional upset. In short, one announced his plans to run for president of the United States and the other had a life-changing realisation.

    I won’t give away too much of my review of the VMA in this writeup. Just watch the Trini Trent TV episode and share your thoughts.