Trini Trent Radio: Privilege is Power


    It may be hard to believe but we are all privileged in some way. Yes, that’s right, even a black, gay man enjoys a shred of privilege from a facet of his intersectional identity.

    This week’s episode of the Trini Trent Radio podcast focuses on several types of privilege that stem from gender, nationality, race, economics, skin colour, and sexuality. We talk about how our identities have given us certain advantages over others yet paradoxically held us back.

    The concept of privilege is generally understood but addressing it is often avoided for fear of a loss of societal power. Yet, there is always a tug of war at play between groups who have that power and those who want it for themselves.

    That tension is sometimes veiled under the disguise of a battle for equality, and leads to more harm than good.

    This episode of the Trini Trent Radio podcast is the lengthiest to date so sit back and enjoy the show.

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