Trini Trent Radio: Growing Up Gay


    Homophobia, child abuse, homelessness, rape.

    Those are all problems that gay men and suspected homosexuals endure on their way to adulthood, especially in black communities where acceptance is rarely encouraged. In fact, the opposite of acceptance is the status quo.

    On this week’s episode of the Trini Trent Radio podcast, Terry Torro and I are sharing stories from our lives as we seek to understand this continuing cycle of violence. In many ways, we are still scarred from our experiences.

    Fortunately, neither of us have been sexually abused but there are gay boys who seek validation from men who they assume to be protecters but are actually predators. Some of the youth even allow these men to use their bodies just so they can make their way in society.

    The situation is grim and it is truly disheartening that parents would rather reject their gay sons than try to understand them, thus breeding another generation of lost boys.

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