Trini Trent Radio: Calling All Men


    Where have all the men gone? Have they been abducted by aliens or did they slip into a blackhole?

    On this episode of Trini Trent Radio, Terry Torro and I highlight the many issues black men – gay and straight – face while building and maintaining relationships. As men, we recognise that our communities have serious problems.

    Our generation is dominated by baby boys; people with the bodies of men but the minds of immature teenagers. Accountability and responsibility seem to be ideals of the past, and many so called men no longer seem interested in going beyond pointless flings.

    To help explain the situation, we have developed a list of several issues we have with our fellow black men: The 10-day burnout, poor communication, immaturity, selfishness, dishonesty and infidelity.

    Listen in as we break it all down on this heated podcast.

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