Trini Trent TV: Destra Supports Gay Pride


The topic of gay rights has been at the forefront of discussion both in an North America and in my home country, Trinidad and Tobago, since same-sex marriage was legalised across the United States. However, many Trinidadians have chosen to use an unlikely candidate as an outlet for their frustrations.

Soca singer Destra Garcia recently performed at the 2015 Blockorama pride event in Toronto, Canada and immediately became a target for homophobic rants on social media.

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Now, Terry Torro and I spoke about West Indian reactions to the same-sex marriage laws in a recent episode of Trini Trent Radio, A Buller Man Wedding, but this situation has provided me with an interesting case study; a chance to observe the ignorance of my people in action.

This episode of Trini Trent TV focuses on the homophobic attacks on Garcia, and the hypocrisy of such statements. Also, I challenge the Queen of Bacchanal herself to get more active in her own local community as the anger of Trinidadian people directly contradicts her statements that our people have no real issue with sexuality.