Trini Trent TV: Brandy Does Broadway


    There are now 10,000 people subscribed to Trini Trent TV on Youtube, I am celebrating with a special episode.

    Terry Torro and I recently saw Brandy perform as a part of Chicago on Broadway, and I was completely inspired by the show. The singing, dancing and acting were all phenomenal. In fact, the cast was so good that I felt compelled to do this review.

    Brandy showcased a completely different side of herself as an entertainer and I wonder if Broadway should be a permanent place for her to flex her skills. After all, her music barely sells anymore and The Game has been cancelled on BET.

    Broadway could also be a viable option for several other artists, including Ciara – yes, that Ciara – Jennifer Hudson, Mya and Mariah Carey. All artists with the potential to reach entirely new audiences if they are willing to commit to the process.

    Thank you all for the continued support of Trini Trent TV. Enjoy this review of Chicago and share your thoughts!