Trini Trent Radio: Your Instagram Is a Liar


Filters and contours and angles. Oh my!

Instagram has given people the power to tap into the world of smoke and mirrors usually reserved for pop stars. They can lead completely distinct double lives and create new realities for themselves online.

However, what is at the root of this behaviour? A simple love for photo editing? No, there seems to be a longing for popularity and validation from others that is driving us to go to new extremes.

People buy followers and likes to make it appear as if they are loved by the masses. They apply filters to hide their supposed imperfections. They also post random memes to create the illusion that they have a sense of humour then delete those images shortly after gaining new followers, hence making it seem as if users are interested in them and not the comedy.

Instagram also provides an avenue for gay men to conceal themselves. They can pretend to be interested in women or hide their relationships in plain sight. It is such an interesting web of deceit, and Trini Trent Radio is on the case.

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