Trini Trent Radio: Body by KFC


In previous episodes of Trini Trent Radio, Terry Torro and I spoke about the body images issues that plague black men as well as tips for developing a gym routine. This time, however, we are going beyond the physical as we discuss various steps for having a healthier lifestyle.

Regular exercise and a well-balanced diet are both key toward achieving a healthy body. However, maintaining that physique also includes regular visits to the doctor – a move that many black people fear – proper grooming and safe sex practices.

Stress can hinder your progress toward happiness so it is important to identify stressors and remove them from your environment. Otherwise, your mental health may be at risk.

Unfortunately, we are often at the root of many of our own problems as we slip into depressions caused by comparing ourselves to other people, inviting chaos into our lives via the internet, and entertaining destructive relationships. Such behaviours need to stop.

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