Trini Trent Radio: A Buller Man Wedding


    Same-sex marriage has finally been legalised across the United States and as expected, many people are upset.

    In addition to the oh-so-boisterous bible-thumpers, scores of West Indian people have taken to social media to voice their hatred of gay people, specifically homosexual men. Jamaicans, Trinidadians and others from the region have been proudly condemning their gay peers to hell.

    Yet, there is a certain hypocrisy in their actions since many of them go against the words of the bible they claim to know so well.

    On a previous episode of Trini Trent Radio, Not My Religion, Terry Torro and I explained key parts of the bible to put supposed homophobia into context. However, we are going even further this week.

    To all the masturbators, adulterers, lovers of fellatio, rum fans, patrons of Carnival fetes: You have sinned.

    To all the pastors using the bible as a weapon against gay people and shout scorn from the backseats of their luxury cars: You are not “true Christians.”

    Of course, we are not in the business of ranking sins, and we made that very clear in during this discussion.

    Moreover, we address those African-Americans who complain that same-sex marriage is just a distraction from their own struggles. Basically, they have become so accustomed to fighting, they don’t know how to be happy.

    Well, those are just our opinions.

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