Trini Trent TV: The Aaliyah Legacy


    One of the final articles I wrote on The Lava Lizard was a reflective piece on Aaliyah’s career. Surprisingly, the article became the most widely discussed articles I have written to date.

    Now, two years later,¬†Americans are celebrating Black Music Month and Aaliyah’s name is back in focus. Unfortunately, the ways in which her legacy is being exaggerated is doing her name a great disservice.

    Aaliyah was gifted. She was a good singer, dancer and actor. Yet, people often praise her as one of the greatest of our time, and that is a quite inaccurate.

    So, I took to Trini Trent TV to put things into perspective. By accessing her many talents, I talk about her pop culture impact and the breath of her work during her short life.

    Would Aaliyah have been more successful than Beyonce had she lived? Was she a better dancer than Ciara? My opinions may surprise you.