Trini Trent TV: Dylann Roof to Dominican Republic


    Dylann Roof walked into the Emmanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church and killed nine black people. Yet, despite his actions, American media outlets refuse to label him a terrorist.

    The good folks at Fox & Friends said Roof did not attack blacks. Instead, he committed a hate crime against christians.

    Christians. Again, christians.

    I have a theory to explain why the media houses hesitant to call Roof a terrorist: It goes against everything they promoted during the last 14 years. Honestly, does he match the image of a muslim, brown-skinned, foreigner?

    The media use propaganda to uphold the reigning hegemony. To borrow from Marxist thought, I believe that propaganda has replaced religion as the opiate of the masses.

    So, African-Americans are outraged but they deserve some criticism at this time as well because that this very moment, there are thousands of black people in the Dominican Republic who are being dragged from their homes. It seems the so-called Black Lives Matter scope is incredibly narrow.

    Watch me talk about all of this and more on Trini Trent TV.