Trini Trent Radio: Smoked Out the Closet


    Isn’t it fun and exciting to share the latest gossip about who might be gay? Even better, when that person’s business – sex tapes, naked pictures, text messages – is put on the internet for the world to see?

    Well, if you agree with that, you are part of a problem.

    Every gay man not ready to announce his sexuality to the world. Whether he is just discreet, ashamed or just trying to survive, the closeted man chooses to live his life on the down low or DL.

    On a previous episode of the Trini Trent Radio podcast entitled On the Down Low, Terry Torro and I discussed how gay men hide in plain sight as well as how some pretend to play dominant roles to avoid the sting of effeminophobia. However, we went even deeper into the rabbit hole with this week’s show.

    We defined the various types of down low men and the reasoning behind their decision to hide their sexualities. Also, we discussed the value placed on masculine gender norms in gay communities and how that has produced a demand for “trade.”

    Finally, we talk about what happens when gay men are forced out the closet and the tensions they endure. Spoiler: Guess what happens when a woman discovers her spouse is gay or has been in a gay relationship…

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