Trini Trent Radio: Introverts Unite


Similar to most pimps, it’s hard out here for an introvert.

In this digital world that is so heavily dominated by social media and the interactions encouraged across those networks, it can be hard for introverted to people navigate without being forced out of their shells.

Shockingly, both Terry Torro and I identify as introverts, and we fully understand the pressures of socialising with our more extroverted counterparts. Of course, it doesn’t help that we are both so active online.

When Terry discovered an article on Introvert Dear regarding how to be friends with an introvert, we just had to discuss it on Trini Trent Radio.

How late it too late to call an introverted person? Is it acceptable to show up at our homes with an extra guest? Is being introverted the same as being antisocial?

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