Trini Trent Radio: Caitlyn with a C


    Bruce Jenner has left the building and Caitlyn Jenner has arrived. Earlier this week, the new star of the Kardashian klan – intentional spelling – was introduced to the world in a spread in Vanity Fair.

    As expected, Jenner’s transition was met with a mixture of praise and hate. Those who spewed the latter refuse to abandon masculine pronouns while addressing her, and turned to their bibles for imaginary support.

    However, backlash also came from within the LGBTQI community.

    Some black women claimed Jenner should not be heralded as the face of the trans community. The outspoken Tammy Peay, for instance, blasted those black people who welcomed Jenner while marginalising members of their own families.

    Laverne Cox also had a lot to say about Jenner. She sang Jenner’s praises and stressed the importance of those people of the trans experience who have made it to the top to use their influence to help their communities.

    Representation and responsibility. Those are recurring themes, and Terry Torro and I emphasise those points throughout this episode of the Trini Trent Radio podcast as we discuss Jenner, vogue dance celebrities, cultural commercialisation and black stars who have a responsibility to their peoples.

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