Trini Trent TV: Why American Idol Failed


    Well, the fat lady has sung her final tune and American Idol has been cancelled. Yes, after 15 seasons on Fox, the show will air its final run in 2016. Yet, why did the former ratings machine lose steam?

    American Idol drew 36 million viewers during the 2006 season finale but since that time, the ratings dropped in steps before reaching an all-time low of 11.6 million in 2015. Naturally, sponsors also began to jump ship with Coca Cola ending its partnership with the show in 2014.

    In this new episode of Trini Trent TV, I suggest three main causes for the failure of American Idol: Changing audience tastes, increasing consumer power and the unnecessary attention given to the judges.

    All in all, the producers of the show failed to innovate with the times and did not acknowledge the power of the viewers to choose how they want to discover new talent. Oh, and the singers on the show’s last five season just were not that good.