Trini Trent TV: Tips for Soca Artists


Despite primarily talking about American pop culture on Trini Trent TV, I’m actually a bigger fan of soca music from my country, Trinidad and Tobago. So, this episode is a special ode to my artists from my great nation.

Do you want to be a successful soca performer? Are you curious about breaking into the industry but just don’t know how to crack the airwaves in a Machel Montano world?

These tips are for you.

Learn to sing and perform onstage. Develop your own signature style. Write your own songs. Think big. Network, network, network.

I love soca music and I want to see it reach the widest possible audience. However, that will only happen if the rising generation takes the proper steps to push the genre forward.

Hopefully, this Trini Trent TV will be useful.