Trini Trent TV: 2015 Billboard Music Awards Madness


    The Mariah Carey/Jennifer Lopez feud continues.

    Carey returned to the Billboard Music Awards for the 2015 show after a 17-year hiatus, and she performed a medley of “Vision of Love” and her new single, “Infinity”.

    However, Lopez did not even try to seem interested in Carey’s appearance, and spent most of the 7-minute set surfing Instagram and talking to her friends. Afterward, Lopez gave a lukewarm clap as she stared blankly at her predecessor.

    Taylor Swift followed suit by chuckling and even declined giving Carey a standing ovation. Was she simply tired from pretending to be shocked after winning so many awards?

    The awkward moments at the Billboard Music Awards did not end there.

    Britney Spears’ collaborative performance with Iggy Azalea was apparently completely lip-synced and so cleverly edited it made her seem somewhat alive. Hey, I’m just glad she is still with us.

    Nicki Minaj, on the other hand, could use a break from the stage because after all the years, her “dancing” is still as stiff as ever. Maybe that’s why Kanye West was screaming in frustration.

    Have no fear, Trini Trent TV is here to give Minaj a few dancing tips. Watch my review of the Billboard Music Awards to get my opinions on the show and my wining tutorial. It’s all for fun.