Trini Trent Radio: Tales from the Gym


In a previous episode of the Trini Trent Radio podcast, Terry Torro and I spoke about the the body image issues affecting black men. This time, however, we have expanded the conversation as we discuss fitness in more detail.

Surely, we can all understand the pressures of fitting societies’ standards of beauty and attractiveness. Yet, with various body types, cultures and schedules, finding the time to find a balance between a healthy sense of self and matching those benchmarks is difficult.

So, to offer some motivation, Terry and I are sharing stories from our respective gym journeys. Getting fit takes work but there is a lot to be learned in the process.

Is it easier to workout at home or in the gym? Are steroids, supplements and fat burners viable options? What are the dos and don’ts we should follow?

Listen to this latest episode of Trini Trent Radio for all of our hilarious stories. Hopefully, they will help give you some encouragement to finally set and follow your fitness goals.