Trini Trent Radio: Stop Hiding In the Shade


Have you ever attacked another person on social media? Have you ever spread a rumour or gossip you knew would damage someone’s reputation? Have you ever been the victim of any such behaviour?

Well, this episode of the Trini Trent Radio podcast is for you.

Terry Torro stumbled across an article entitled 8 Things Gay Guys Should Start Saying to Each Other and was very intrigued by the reaction it received Facebook as well as Twitter. Specifically, the cynical responses people sniped at the points raised.

So, we sat together to talk about why it was so difficult for us to accept what were seemingly simple messages. That’s when we realised the problem: Our negative experiences with people – both men and women – in the last few years have warped our world views.

Shade. It has risen to the forefront of popular culture to refer to any insult meant to damage another person’s self-esteem. However, the practice originally stemmed from gay communities as they playfully sparred in matches of wit.

See: Paris is Burning.

With this corrupted form of shade now seemingly dominating the millennial generation, who use it across social media, positivity and mutual support from peers are rare. Terry and I know that far too well.

This week’s episode of Trini Trent Radio was therapeutic for both Terry and me as we share stories about our experiences with shady people. We talk about subtweeting, trolls, our own bad behaviour, and provide tips for better social media etiquette.

Also, I express my frustrations with black Twitter. Yes, black Twitter.