Trini Trent Radio: I Hate Mondays


Stuck at a job you hate and wondering if it’s time time to take the risk of quitting so you can finally pursue your passion?

Wait. Don’t take that step just yet. Instead, listen to this episode of the Trini Trent Radio podcast because that move may not be as simple as you think.

Both Terry Torro and I have been juggling regular jobs while keeping our dreams alive. Terry is an actor Рcheck him out as Eric in the brilliant and hilarious No Shade Рand I am a blogger turned pop culture critic. Yet, neither of us have made hugely successful.

So, we work at jobs to make ends meet in the oh-so-expensive New York City as we hustle with our talents during rare moments of free time.

This is the reality that many people face as they wonder if their jobs are necessary for survival or simply hindering their success.

As Terry and I chat in this episode of Trini Trent Radio, we reflect on how pressure from our families and the wider society forces us to conform. We also highlight the distinct experiences of men and how they different from those of women.

Furthermore, we explain glass ceilings in the workplace as well as glass escalators that have very different impacts on the lives of black men, women and gay men. Frankly, the idea that all men are privileged in the workplace is a myth.

Terry and I also voice our frustrations with trying to establish ourselves in a world that does not always acknowledge our contributions. Point: This is where I vent about being compared to other bloggers.

This is really one of my favourite episodes of Trini Trent Radio to date. If also enjoy it, rate and review it on iTunes.