Trini Trent TV: Bruce Jenner, Prancing Elites Problems


    By now, you have probably watched or at least heard about Bruce Jenner’s interview with Diane Sawyer on 20/20. Spoiler alert: Jenner has confirmed that he is a woman, and he is currently transitioning into¬†the person he calls Her.

    Jenner’s interview was quite informative for those of us who do not understand the realities of the transgendered community. It forced us to think outside of the ideological binary boxes of sex and gender created by society.

    However, while a victory for the LGBTQI community was earned by Jenner, a loss of sorts occurred on Oxygen, thanks to the Prancing Elites.

    prancing elitesAlthough The Prancing Elites Project showcase another group of gay men and trans people proudly living in their truths, it also reinforces the media’s stereotypical stamp on LGBTQI people.

    As a result of media representations, many people expect gay men to all be flambouyant, loud, cartoonish characters who enjoy wearing makeup and dancing to Beyonce music. Yes, those individuals exist but where is the variety?

    To find depictions of persons¬†in the media who exist between the extremes of the hypermasculine, aggressive gay “thugs” and the boisterous “queens” is a difficult feat. That is an issue Terry Torro and I addressed in a recent episode of Trini Trent Radio: Gay Role Models.

    Watch me further discuss the reactions to Jenner’s interview and the premiere of The Prancing Elites Project in this new episode of Trini Trent TV.