Trini Trent TV: A Janet Jackson Comeback


    Regardless of what has been published in the media during the last ten years, Janet Jackson has forever changed pop culture. Her legacy as one of the greatest entertainers of her generation is secure.

    In fact, despite not scoring a major hit in years and basically fading into obscurity as a now elusive star, Jackson’s influence on younger performers has never been stronger.

    Beyoncé, Tinashe, Ciara and Usher have all been inspired by Jackson’s work, and facets of her style have been adopted by artists clearly attempting to channel the woman I consider the only real competitor to her brother Michael. Sorry but not so sorry, Madonna.

    Now, as annual rumours have begun to swirl about Jackson’s possible comeback, I reflect on her impact on pop music in this latest episode of Trini Trent TV. Moreover, I make several suggestions regarding what it would take for her to return to prominence.

    In summary, Jackson needs to target the right market with the right material and with the right promotion. Quite simple on paper but a different story when put into motion.

    Watch the episode and make your own suggestions. Do you think Jackson has what it takes to stage a successful return to the chart summit or has her time passed?