Trini Trent Radio: The P Word


    P is for Porn.

    In a time when we have near unlimited information at our fingertips via the internet, porn is now available at any time; in any place. However, what effect is that having on the minds of its viewers?

    Terry Torro and I are both consumers of pornography. Yes, I admit it but I reckon if I scan your phone or computer, I would discover at least one sexual image.

    From Myvidster to PornHub and XTube, porn is free across the world wide web. There are also dozens of apps that allow us to access streaming video of the most graphic scenes to fulfil almost any fantasy, no matter how extreme.

    ace rockwood

    There are, however, many issues stemming from pornography in the digital age.

    The mass consumption of imagery objectifying women is now unbridled. The bodies of black men are also objectified as they are presented as mindless thugs or gangsters eager to exert the girth of their forms on willing victims.

    In a special twist, submissive gay men are also objectified as they conform to heterosexual dynamics and allow themselves to be “bitched out” by dominant tops.

    Terry and I have both personally experienced and observed the effects of porn, which is relaxing as well as addictive. Within our communities there are people who have replaced real human intimacy with moments of ecstasy courtesy of Myvidster.

    Yet, what can be done to solve the situation?

    Listen to this episode of Trini Trent Radio as we share our views on porn. This is just the beginning of our journey into the rabbit hole of human sexuality but we would greatly appreciate your views!