Trini Trent TV: Nicki Minaj Reps Trinidad?


Trinidad and Tobago is my home country. It is also the birthplace of Nicki Minaj but unlike many of the public figures emerging from the islands, she does nothing for their development.

Minaj conveniently uses Trinidad and Tobago as part of her branding but she has done nothing to promote our culture or even highlight positive aspects of the country in her work. Does she make soca or calypso music? Does she incorporate steel pan? Does she even discussĀ local artists?

Worst yet, Minaj cannot even imitateĀ a Trinidadian accent. In fact, when she has to put on that twang, she sounds closer to a terrible Jamaican impersonator. For instance, Minaj has song called “Trini Dem Girls” but where exactly is the Trinidadian influence?

However, the most important point involves visibility. Minaj does not showcase healthy images of Trinidad and Tobago. In her rare visits to the nation, she has portrayed two negative stereotypes: Poverty and partying.

So, I addressed Minaj’s recent comments about “reppin'” Trinidad on Instagram.

Naturally, Minaj’s fans slammed me on Twitter for my comments. That’s where Trini Trent TV comes in as an outlet for me to share all my thoughts and create a space for everyone to air their views.