Trini Trent Radio: Gay Role Models


    If you follow at least five black gay men on Twitter, there is a high chance that you have seen the terms BeyHive, Navy or Barbz cascading down your timeline. In other words, you have witnessed the clique mentality of a lost generation.

    Many black gay men are forced to endure the pressures of homophobia in their homes as well as in wider society. The have few positive role models in the media who represent the spectrum of their realities.

    So, in response to the need for a social anchor, they use social media as tools to forge shallow connections with others who are also searching for a sense of belonging.

    Terry Torro and I have experienced the backlash of gay men devoted to worshipping their lord Beysus aka Yoncé aka Queen Beyoncé Knowles-Carter. beysusHowever, their rage may not have simply been in response to our critiques of her music.

    Rather, they were acting in unison with an online “family” of fellow fans as they sought the validation they lack in the real world.

    Amazingly, Beyonce and most of her fellow pop stars have done little to help the LGBTQI community. In fact, they rarely mention those fans or campaign for their betterment.

    The problems with the black gay community do not end there.

    Those leaders who claim to advance the lives of black gay men often use their platforms to gain fame, sex and other personal gains. They do not care about the communities; they just want to stand in positions of power.

    These issues are international as they stretche back to my home country of Trinidad and Tobago. Hopefully, this podcast will be the first charge toward change.