Trini Trent Radio: Black Male Body Image Issues


    When many of us describe the body of the ideal black man, we include features such as a broad back, large biceps and of course, a big penis. Yet, those images are often unattainable, thus causing immeasurable strain on the minds of black men.

    steven beck

    Black men are not all built like the figures cast in adult films. We are not all the embodiment of Mandingo, and we do not all have 12 inches of flesh hanging between our legs.

    In this episode of Trini Trent Radio, Terry Torro and I address every aspect of our experiences as black men dealing with body image issues.

    Starting  from our teenage years, we both had to deal with the pressures of trying to achieve the benchmarks of what it means to be “strong, black men.” However, the problems have continued even into our adult years.

    From simple acts, such as grooming and training in the gym, every aspect of our lives is guessing game of wondering if we are doing what is expected of us.

    Will shaving our pubic hair make us weaker? Will doing squats and increasing the size of our asses make us targets for homophobia? How does someone with less than seven inches of penis be accepted as a “real man?” What role does social media play in these mind games?

    These are the thoughts that plague the minds of black men in North America and the Caribbean everyday. Seriously, women are not the only people with body image issues.