Trini Trent TV: Tidal Troubles


    Jay-Z is determined to make the world accept his so-called “new rules” but judging by his latest business venture, he is doing more of the same. Boosted by propaganda, of course.

    Yesterday, Jay-Z launched his Tidal music streaming service with all the razzle dazzle we have come to expect from the hip-hop mogul.

    A video trailer to build suspense: Check. A collective of millionaire celebrity friends: Check. Beyonce standing at his side, nodding in agreement wih her daddy’s every whim and fancy: Check. Vague details that leave even the top music industry pundits confused: Check.

    Simply, those of us who cared to pay attention were left to inhale the hot air spewed into the media atmosphere by Roc Nation.

    As stated by Jay-Z to Billboard, Tidal will introduce new competition into the music streaming market. Only this time, however, the company is lead by artists, for artists.

    Yet, Jay-Z did not explain how artists, including Rihanna, Kanye West, Madonna and Nicki Minaj, were chosen to be shareholders in Tidal. Additionally, he failed to clarify exactly how the service’s rates compare to those of Spotify and other market leaders.

    The good folks at Tech Crunch already predict Tidal will fail because of the exorbitant prices for subscriptions – $9.99 for standard quality and $19.99 for high definition recordings. There goes that Roc Nation elitism and exclusivity again.

    In this episode of Trini Trent TV, I share my views on Tidal and what it means for the music industry. Watch it before I “get disappeared.”