Trini Trent TV: Missing R&B


    “R&B music has died and come back as a big white ghost named Sam Smith” – Trini Trent.

    One of the main reasons I initially became interested in blogging way back when Chris Brown was still selling Double Mint chewing gum was my love of R&B music.

    The year 2008 was a simpler time: Rihanna was a good girl who had just gone bad, Mariah Carey was a top-selling artist, and Alicia Keys could still sing on-key. Now, in 2015, the genre has crumbled to nothing more than a random collection of throwaway “singers” performing even less impressive songs.

    Sonically, the only thing we now expect of new R&B releases is a messy mix of auto-tune and hip-hop beats without any innovation or originality. With a few white faces mixed in, of course.

    The themes in R&B have become almost repetitive as the cheap hooks written by even cheaper writers. Worse yet, none of the artists can sing them live.

    So, what can be done to save R&B? The genre needs a revival, and in this episode of Trini Trent TV, I share all of my feelings about the situation.