Trini Trent Radio: Why Men Cheat


As Trini Trent Radio continues to grow, Terry Torro and I have realised the potential for us to dig deeper into the issues affecting black men. Hence, it was only a matter of time before we tackled the topic of cheating.

The stereotypical black man is hypermasculine and hypersexual – as I previously discussed on Trini Trent TV while highlighting Dame Dash and Chris Brown’s recent comments.

That extreme behaviour is reflected in every aspect of a black man’s life, especially in his relationships. In short, when a man is socialised to freely impress his masculinity and sexuality on others, the confines of monogamy feels like a prison.

black gay couple

This problem is not just present in heterosexual relationships. Gay men mirror the same behaviour in even worse ways because they are not taught that longterm bonds are typically not options for them.

Also, gay men lack icons in popular culture, politics and wider society. So, they are left to learn how to build relationships without the guides available to heterosexual couples.

Relationships require work. Yet, men are not trained to do that work during the crucial teen years of their youth.

Why do men cheat? The answer is simple: That is what they are taught.