Trini Trent Radio: #TeamLightSkinned


Black people have been systematically taught to hate themselves. Following slavery and colonialism, those of us among the African diaspora remain divided by political, social and economic forces.

One of the biggest issues affect black people as well as several other groups around the world is colourism.

In this episode of Trini Trent Radio, I sat with Terry Torro, specifically because he represents a different type of black person to me. Terry avows himself as dark skinned, and with that identification comes several experiences that are very distinct from my own.

In case you missed the memo, I am of a lighter complexion.

The Light Girls documentary raised more questions on social media than it was probably intended to answer, and received backlash from viewers who failed to get the point. Moreover, the show only addressed the issues faced by light-skinned women and completely omitted the experiences of men.

Hence, Terry and I got together to share our own views on colourism in the media, in society, and in our own lives. What has resulted is a conversation highlighting both the positives and negatives associated with our respective skin tones.

So, are you down with #TeamLightSkinned or nah?