Trini Trent Radio: On the Down Low


    Black men experience forces from society that are hardly directly discussed in the media. Prime on that list is the pressure to be just that – men.

    The gender ideal of the modern black man involves being strong, aggressive, bold, outspoken and most of all, heterosexual. Those normative behaviours are typically expressed at extremes with hypermasculinity and hypersexuality defining the black man’s status quo.

    Men who fall short of such benchmarks are marginalised. So, they overcompensate, and hide their sexual and emotional desires in the down low culture.

    However, the down low mentality does not just include LGBTQI people who refuse to identify themselves publicly. It also exists within the their community.

    Gay men who reject claims that they are bottoms or anything but dominant tops. Also, those who engage in effeminophobia, and shame those who they consider “feminine.”

    Even on apps designed for gay people to connect, men hide all traces of their true sexualities and avow themselves as “mascs looking for mascs.”

    This episode of Trini Trent Radio addresses all of these issues and so much more as I am joined by Terry Terro to share our own experiences with this down low culture.