Trini Trent Radio: Do All Black Lives Matter?


The #BlackLivesMatter movement has given black people across North America a banner under which they can unite to fight against police brutality and oppression…or has it?

Thus far, the campaign has been geared toward addressing issues affecting African-Americans yet gives little to no voice to other members of the black community – West Indians, Africans and other people of African heritage.

Moreover, supporters of #BlackLivesMatter often refuse to acknowledge¬†intersectional identities and the realities associated with each individual subgroup. Gay men, trans people and the brutality they face are overlooked as all attention is given to the heterosexual African-American “brotherhood.”

I was once again joined by Terry Torro on Trini Trent Radio to share our views on #BlackLivesMatter and the emerging class system that has systematically silenced certain voices within the movement. We also discuss the hypocrisy exhibited by black people who clearly only use the hashtag to gain popularity.

So, which black lives matter? Tune in and find out.