Trini Trent TV: 2015 Soca Monarch Highlights


Machel  Montano has nabbed the International Soca Monarch title for the umpteenth time in his career. However, unlike previous years, he truly deserved top honours, just like his peers deserved a tongue-lashing for their shaky performances.

The Soca Monarch competition included many strong showings but some acts, such as the ubiquitous Iwer George and the formerly relevant Shurwayne Winchester, fell short.

George spent most of the his time on stage choking on his lyrics and yelling for a stronger crowd response. All he did, however, was remind us that his time as a leading soca star has long since passed.

On the other hand, Winchester, focused more on singing his song. Unfortunately, nobody in the audience seemed to know the tune or understand the concept of his show.

Of course, no Soca Monarch show would be complete without controversy and claims that certain artists should have won. Namely, Destra Garcia and Nikki “Granny” Crosby.

I discuss all of that and more in this episode of Trini Trent TV. If you watched the show, chime in and share your thoughts. Also, join the conversation with the other subscribers on YouTube.