Trini Trent Radio: A Trinidad Carnival Conundrum


There is no festival in the world quite like Trinidad Carnival. Spectacular costumes, vibrant melodies, and passionate people make the event an attraction for thousands of visitors every year.

However, if you believe the headlines posted by new outlets, such as Just Jared, you might think the festival involves nothing more than bikinis and sex.

As a Trinidadian who has participated in our Carnival for many years, I have seen it camber rose rose trinidad carnivalhange. The art involved in the widely publicised Parade of the Bands is quickly fading away and being replaced by elements of North American pop culture products.

Many soca music songs now sound like Diplo EDM rejects – actually, most of them have been produced by Major Lazer – and the costumes are pale mostly imitations of those in Brazil.

Where has the creativity in Trinidad Carnival gone? Why has a party called Baewatch, hosted by Amber Rose, gotten more attention from young adults than any calypso tent or steel pan competition?

I put all my thoughts into this episode of Trini Trent Radio. I want my people to care about their own cultural identities. You know, instead of striving to turn Trinidad into a mini-Miami.