Trini Trent Radio: African-Americans vs West Indians


It was a chilly winter night on January 25 2015 when Miss Colombia took home the Miss Universe title instead of crowd favourite Miss Jamaica. Her victory sparked outrage on social media, and reignited a tensions between two specific groups of people.

While West Indian people were were upset about the pageant defeat, their African-American counterparts sympathised. However, that companionship was short-lived as they soon faced off against each other.

Black people from the Caribbean questioned African-Americans motives for making it their issue, and the latter group fired back with a flurry of insults, referring to West Indians as arrogant yet poor. Naturally, I got caught up in the chaos when I offered my opinions.

crabs in a barrel

What unfolded was a long thread of tweets on Twitter in which some African-Americans stressed their own significance on the global scene and claimed West Indians, like myself, were only welcomed in North America as additional means by the system to keep them unemployed.

Apparently, we West Indians are only valued because of stereotypes claiming we work harder than African-Americans, thus we get high-paid positions and the latter group is shut out.

So, instead of further engaging in the arguments, I saved my thoughts for this new episode of Trini Trent Radio. I even called on my longtime friend, actor Terry Torro, to offer his unique perspectives on the issue.

Listen as we dissect the African-American vs West Indian debate in depth and share our stories about dealing with discrimination by our fellow black people.

Are we doomed to just be crabs in a barrel?

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