Welcome to TriniTrent.com


Oh dear, I’m blogging again!

Yes, your boy Trini Trent is back online with a fresh look and a new perspective on the digital world. Special shoutout to all the Digimon fans.

TriniTrent.com is community created to encourage discussion about how people affect and are affected by culture. The pieces on the site are crafted by yours truly, Trini Trent, who encourages conversations backed by both facts and honest opinions.

Every perspective has value. The point of this site is not to attack or insult any person. It is not a platform for the promotion of products or services, unless that service involves journalism.

Among the pieces featured on TriniTrent.com are Trini Trent TV, Trini Trent Radio, and original articles. This is not a space for posting breaking news, so don’t expect the site to be updated several times a day. However, if there is a current event to be discussed, please share.

TriniTrent.com is not a music blog. Instead, it is a space for us to tackle issues arising from including popular culture – including music, film and television – race, sexuality, gender, feminism, sex, and discrimination.

Finally, expect me to make mistakes as I experiment with different multimedia forms and improve the site. Hey, I didn’t earn a masters degree in digital innovation just to sit on it.

For further information regarding copyright claims or infringement notices, please read the Copyright DisclaimerPrivacy Policy, and About page. Also, visit the Contact page to connect with Trini Trent.

I’m excited about this new journey but before we move forward, let’s bid a final farewell to The Lava Lizard.