Trini Trent TV: A Rihanna Reinvention


    I launched a new website and Rihanna released a new song. It seems as though the stars have aligned in favour of pop culture fanatics this week.

    However, if you assumed I would be any less provocative with my opinions, you are very mistaken. In fact, as this new episode of Trini Trent TV shows, I have more than a few remarks about Rihanna’s new single, “FourFiveSeconds” featuring Paul McCartney and Kanye West.

    With her eighth album scheduled to be released later this year, Rihanna has shown little growth as an artist or at the very least, a singer. Relying heavily on studio tricks, she seems on content on just being good enough. Well, barely even that.

    Yet, this piece isn’t geared toward bashing Rihanna or tearing at her faults. Rather, I’m offering her a few suggestions to help improve her music. The working title of Rihanna’s new album is R8 so here are my eight tips for her.

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