We live in an era when artists are praised for chanting catchy hooks through thick, poorly disguised veils of auto-tune. Instead of possessing real talent or the ability to stay in the correct key, performers simply show up, cue their backtracks and skip to the beat of songs they played little part in crafting.

Let’s not call any names here, folks. Rihanna. This isn’t the time or place for that. Justin Bieber. Like dust, we must rise above such petty behaviour. Miley Cyrus.

However, the fabric of pop music has not been completely marred. With the help of YouTube and a panel of guest contributors who submitted their own versions of this lineup, I have developed a list of the 50 greatest singers in pop music.

These acts, all of whom released their debut albums after 1950, are ranked based on their originality, skill, voice and perceived cultural impact. There may be a few surprises, especially since the lineup was not limited to only R&B music.

See who made my list of the 50 greatest singers and be sure to share your own rankings in the comment section!

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