Trini Trent TV: The Music of the Islands


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Trini Trent TV

Where have I been? Why has The Lava Lizard fallen dormant? Well, the time for that answer is not now but I will say this: When I spring back into action, this site will be better than ever. If you don’t believe me, let this special episode of Trini Trent TV be a preview!

During the last year, I have been learning new skills and developing into a much better journalist. In fact, I have explored several new forms of new media, and grown to truly enjoy video production.

So, I grabbed a camera and set out to put my new tricks into action in my first narrated feature piece on steel pan music. Trust me when I say the experience has been far better than talking about Beyonce and Rihanna for 20 minutes on my iPhone.

I’m taking a chance here by asking for your feedback on this piece. Watch it and tell me what you think!

Head over to YouTube to comment, thumbs and share the video! Be sure to check The Lava Lizard for future instalments of Trini Trent TV!

Did you miss the previous episode of Trini Trent TV? Watch it below:

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