New Video: R. Kelly – “My Story (Ft. 2 Chainz)”


    R. Kelly My Story video TheLavaLizard
    Everyone’s pervy uncle, R. Kelly

    Every time someone says, “at least things can’t get any worse,” we find ourselves in even more uncomfortable situations. Such is the case with R. Kelly and his awful song, “My Story”, for which he has released a new viral video that is even cheaper and more embarrassing than the tune.

    We all attended at least one graduation in which one of Kelly’s inspirational classics echoed through the halls but those memories are quickly being replaced by scenes of a middle-aged man desperate to keep up with young hustlers at the strip clubs. Really, as an artist who barely survived a court case that placed his allegedly freaky sex life at the forefront of the media, Kelly certainly isn’t doing himself any favours with this “My Story” clip featuring “hoes” half his age.

    Later this year, Kelly will issue his Black Panties album so mark your calendars for that uncomfortable visit from your perverted uncle who smells like cigar smoke and cognac, and always has a dirty joke to share. Watch Kelly’s “My Story” video below:

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