New Video: Ariana Grande – “Baby I”


    Ariana Grande Baby I video TheLavaLizard
    Ariana Grande is jail bait

    There are few things that can disrupt the perfect world of Mariah Carey but I sense that Ariana Grande is among them. As she continues to channel the musical stylings of the world’s most demanding sugary songbird, Grande has released a new video for “Baby I” and it is hauntingly similar to Carey’s famous clip for “Fantasy”.

    With her high-waisted denim shorts and girl next door street parties, Grande basically recreates several scenes from “Fantasy” as she belts the seemingly innocent “Baby I” with her gang of Hip-Hop dancers. This, ladies and gentlemen, is obviously no coincidence as Grande’s camp continues to promote any and all comparisons to Carey in her all of media interviews.

    There is no word regarding how Carey feels about Grande or the many recreations of her greatest hits. Will the mounting competition inspire her to craft an album that will remind people of her status as the original Hip-Pop diva or will she buckle under the pressure and retire to the land of make believe that exists within her mind?

    Stay tuned for the next instalment of Single Biracial Female and watch the video for Carey’s “Fantasy” below:

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