New Song: Tamar Braxton – “All the Way Home”


    Tamar Braxton All the Way Home TheLavaLizard
    Tamar Braxton’s “All the Way Home” single cover

    The only thing bigger than Tamar Braxton’s personality are her vast collection of catch phrases and her vocal range, and she puts the latter to good use on her new song, “All the Way Home”. Passionate, powerful and undeniably impressive, the tune is the latest single from Braxton’s soon to be released Love & War album.

    By now you know that Love & War will arrive in stores on September 3, and will feature the hit title track and its followup, “The One”. Braxton set forward to craft a Contemporary R&B record that takes us back to the era when the genre ruled the airwaves, and “All the Way Home” is certainly a throwback to that 2004-2006 period of greatness.

    Braxton sings smoothly for almost a full minute before the beat kicks in; giving her voice the spotlight. However, while that will be a strong point for music lovers, it may deter young listeners who just can’t wait to get to the good stuff. Either way, “All the Way Home” is a solid effort that’s definitely worth the listen below:

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