New Song: Katy Perry – “Roar”


    Katy Perry Roar cover TheLavaLizard
    Katy Perry’s “Roar” single cover

    Social media are artists’ most useful tools but there are times when that power is used against them by their own overzealous fans. Such was the case with the most followed woman on Twitter, Katy Perry, today when her new song, “Roar”, hit the web two days ahead of schedule.

    Perhaps, the early arrival of “Roar” is a bittersweet blessing because it gives us the chance to determine if the track should be downloaded from iTunes on its official due date, August 12. Is the song really worth $1.29 or should Perry have scrapped it along with her poorly reviewed fragrances? Listen to “Roar” below:

    “Roar” is yet another predictable Pop anthem based on catchy melodies and a radio-friendly beats instead of lyrical depth. How exactly is this song different from Perry’s pervious material? How does it exemplify the darker, more introspective sound of the late 1990s Madonna?

    Regardless of the lack of artistic progression, “Roar” is almost guaranteed the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100. On the heels of the incredibly successful Teenage Dream era, it is almost impossible for Perry to fail at this point and “Roar” is the perfect type of Pop fodder for Top 40/Mainstream radio.

    Hey, at least “Roar” is not tacky EDM. Get money, Perry, but I hope the rest of your Prism album (due on October 22) doesn’t sound like this.

    “We gettin’ paid!”

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