Robin Thicke Returns to ‘The Breakfast Club’


    Robin Thicke Breakfast Club TheLavaLizard
    Robin Thicke’s face up close…

    Robin Thicke has been everywhere during the last few months but now that his Blurred Lines album is available in the US, he has intensified his efforts to ensure that the record debuts atop the Billboard 200. For instance, he made an appearance on this morning’s instalment of The Breakfast Club.

    “Blurred Lines” has dominated the Billboard Hot 100 for several weeks as the biggest hit of the year to date and elevated Thicke’s career to an entirely new level. While chatting on The Breakfast Club, the singer spoke about the success of the tune and revealed that white audiences are finally interested in his music as a crossover act.

    Thicke also spoke about the other songs on Blurred Lines, his love life and working with Pharrell. Watch him on The Breakfast Club below: