Rihanna Rocks T in the Park Concert


    Rihanna T in the Park TheLavaLizard
    Rihanna airs it out.

    Yesterday, footage of Leona Lewis’ cover of Rihanna’s “Diamonds” hit the web and it was poorly received by several people, including some of her own fans. Unfortunately, the songbird’s take on the song fell even further out of favour when Rihanna herself hit the stage late in the day at T in the Park.

    Flaunting both her tight thighs and a surprisingly clearer voice, Rihanna performed several songs from her Unapologetic album at T in the Park, which was broadcasted on BBC. The Bajan started off with the Livvi Franc-penned “What Now” and after dodging a few high notes, moved into her comfort zone with the gritty “Stay” and “Diamonds”.

    Rihanna certainly isn’t the best singer in the world but it’s hard to beat her at her own game – looking pretty, being a “bad girl’ and keeping the unique tone of her voice as the focus of her performances instead of riffs or runs that she knows she can’t handle. Watch Rihanna rock T in the Park below: