New Video: Jarell Perry – “Getaway”


    Jarell Perry Getaway TheLavaLizard
    Jarell Perry stars in “Getaway”

    The talented Jarell Perry is back in the spotlight with a new video for one of his fans’ favourite songs. “Getaway” is the lead single from the criminally underrated singer-songwriter’s Simple Things album, issued in partnership with Russell Simmons and All Def Digital.

    The dreamy “Getaway” video is open for interpretation but there is no questioning the beauty of the song, which Perry recorded as a mix of melodies and metaphors. “I like to look at most of my songs like paintings that can be interpreted in different ways,” he explained. “In this case it’s more about creating a feeling or a vibe than telling a specific story.”

    Be sure to download your copy of “Getaway” on the Simple Things album as you get more familiar with Perry’s incredible talent. Watch the video for the song below:

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