New Song: Jay-Z – “Part II (On the Run) (Ft. Beyonce)”


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    Beyonce and Jay-Z

    As promised, Jay-Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail┬áhas been released to one million Samsung Galaxy users and one of the standout tracks is his latest Beyonce collaboration, “Part II (On the Run)”. However, the song hasn’t attracted attention because of outstanding quality. Rather, it is so underwhelming that it has left many fans of the duo speechless.

    “On the Run” is a continuation of Jay-Z and Beyonce’s “’03 Bonny & Clyde” yet unlike its predecessor, this new tune is completely beat-driven and lacks the lyrical froth that made the couple a favourite of the media. In fact, Jay-Z’s verses are so uninspired that he seems to have forgotten how to rap in time with the music and his once clever verses are replaced with completely uninspired rhymes that could have been crafted by any novice looking for a record deal.

    Even Beyonce, who usually has a unique flair for singing Hip-Hop hooks, sounds completely bored on “On the Run”. Singing primarily in her lower register, the songbird remains quite time and the basic, unimpressive qualities of her heavily layered voice rise to the forefront.

    Really, unless she’s growling or showcasing her wide range of vocal skills, Beyonce sounds quite dull while relying on tone alone because her voice simply lacks natural personality. Just imagine how much better “One the Run” would be if it was performed by Rihanna or even Brandy instead.

    Regardless, I’m probably just a hater and clearly jealous of the blessed Joseph and Mary of the 21st century, so don’t take my opinions serious. Listen to Jay-Z and Beyonce’s obviously amazing “On the Run” below:

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