New Song: Beyonce – “Standing On the Sun (Remix) (Ft. Mr. Vegas)”


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    Beyonce still refuses to give her fans an official single but today, she offered yet another type consolation to keep them from jumping off the edge. The SOS Reggae Mix of her H&M jingle, “Standing On the Sun”, has been released and it features former Dancehall music champion, Mr. Vegas.

    This remix of “Standing On the Sun” is really new. In fact, it is the version of the song performed by Beyonce during The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, so many us are already familiar with the music. Still, does that take away from the fact that it is a quite a catchy throwback to the 2004 era of Reggae Fusion?

    Listen to the SOS Reggae Mix of Beyonce’s “Standing on the Sun” below:

    Whether she will release an official single in 2013 is still unclear but one thing is certain: This remix of “Standing On the Sun” is catchy! Yes, I might be biased as a proud West Indian but that doesn’t change the fact that the song is the most infectious tune shared by Beyonce in years.

    If only “Standing On the Sun” was dropped in 2003-2005. It could have been a big hit for Beyonce. Oh well, time for me to party…

    “Watch me wine!”

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