New Song: Beyonce – “Part II (On the Run)”


    Beyonce promo TheLavaLizard
    Beyonce stands as a shadow of her former glory.

    Beyonce’s fans have been awaiting new music from their favourite singer for months yet she hasn’t given them anything except a few underwhelming snippets and commercial jingles. On the bright side, she has contributed vocals to Jay-Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail album and her solo version of their new song, “Part II (On the Run)”, has been released.

    Naturally, as they are desperate for any fresh material they can find, several of Beyonce’s fans have already proclaimed that her cut of “On the Run” is a “classic” and “iconic.” Yet, these are the same people who scream, “yassss, queen!” every time she breathes oxygen so let’s not take their word for it.

    Beyonce’s “On the Run” is a simple track that showcases her heavily stacked harmonies over smooth production provided by Timbaland. Primarily sung in Beyonce’s lower register, the song channels the work of Brandy, although nowhere nears as impressive as it would have been if performed by the latter.

    There is still no word regarding when Beyonce will release the lead single from her upcoming album. So, while we wait on official news, replay those snippets or listen to “On the Run” below:

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