JoJo Launches Lawsuit Against Blackground Records


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    “Who f*ck want war?”

    JoJo has been trapped in limbo for years without any hope of releasing the music that she promised her fans. However, the she is finally fed up with her unfortunate situation and she has filed a lawsuit against Da Family Records and Blackground Records as she seeks the freedom to take her career to the next stage.

    According to the New York Daily News, JoJo has cited the New York State law that indicates that minors can’t sign contracts that last more than seven years. Following that rule,¬†she should have been released from her contract with Blackand since 2011 as she and her parents signed a deal with company subsidiaries in 2004.

    Although representatives from Universal Music Group have yet to comment on the matter, JoJo is reportedly pursuing action against both Da Family and Blackground so that her contract will be terminated. This news follows the singer’s recent comments that Blackground has ended all communication with her and they have shown no proof that they can promote, market or distribute an album.

    Those of us who have maintained an interest in JoJo’s situation know she has recorded multiple different incarnations of her new album but Blackground has refused to put forward the music for unknown reasons. So, it’s great to see that JoJo is ready to suit up and go to war as she fights for her emancipation!

    “I’m about to set it off!”

    Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images North America